Tip of the Week: Use Banner Ads in Invisible App

Want to promote a new product, event or tool? Consider incorporating banner ads into Invisible App modules! Banner ads can be added to any of these modules when using Invisible App:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Open Response
  • Message
  • Location
  • File Upload

Setting up banner ads is super simple. Within a module, check the “Activate” box. Then configure each setting in order to add your image. To add additional images, click the “+” icon and configure the settings for the new image.

Check out the full documentation on how to set up banner ads here. Of course, if you have questions or additional tips, let us know in the comments!


If you want to display a video in the banner, use any video to gif converter to convert it to an animated gif and use it instead of a static image.


Banner may need to become a commonly used item. How to reuse those same banners across relevant modules and then even across ushurs? This may involve employing other related features such as making a module into a toolbar, etc.,

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Banner ads in Invisible App can be super effective in driving further engagements since the audience is already in the in-app environment. I would like to emphasize on the design of the banner. Be sure to think about modifying your design for in-app small screen environment. A clutter free, less words, clean and simple look can be doubly fruitful!